August 5, 2015

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Year 2 Group 2015

We use our sandpit for learning too!

Students from Stage 1 who are studying Aboriginal Languages and Culture spent a lesson last week recreating the tracks that animals make in the dirt. They have been learning how Aboriginal people use this information to follow kangaroos, possums, … [Read More...]

Phil & Daniel Hicks Hat

National Sorry Day

Students at Hurstville South Public School have been learning about National Sorry Day and the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people who were part of the Stolen Generations. As part of this recognition, 393 students and … [Read More...]


Aboriginal Studies Edible Art

Students in years 1 and 2 put on their pretend aprons and imagined they were mini Masterchefs on the last day of term 2. The boys and girls enrolled in Aboriginal Studies made edible art by smearing yellow coloured cream cheese onto a biscuit and … [Read More...]

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